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Top Tips For Choosing the Best Nurse Scheduling Software For Your Healthcare Facility:

Tip #1: Research. Without spending enough time looking into your prospective programs, you may be left with a product that doesn’t live up to its expectations. You simply have to look into products and reviews to determine which ones are meeting the needs of their clients. Online sites can be helpful, but be wary: even some of the biggest corporations are using paid-for ratings and testimonials, along with new marketing software that highlights the best reviews coming in for them while mitigating the less than stellar ones. Consumer reports suggests that potential customers read 3 and 4-star ratings rather than the 1 and 5-star reviews that are typically written in a biased manner. Feel free to take a closer look at NC Smart Call in your quest for the perfect nurse scheduling software program.

Tip #2: Find out what the bottom line is. What will your preferred program do for your company’s budget and sales? NC Smart Call makes it possible to see your potential savings before you spend a penny on the product. Simply click on the ‘Estimate Your Savings’ link, highlighted in blue, and fill in a few items of information regarding your facility, then hit ‘Calculate’ to see how much you’ll save your first year using NC Smart Call’s nurse scheduling software. If your facility is like most others, you’ll find that the savings will greatly outweigh the costs. If you like the thought of saving thousands of dollars per year on your scheduling costs, take a moment and estimate your potential savings. Your facility with 50 employees can save an average of $6,000 annually.

Tip #3: Analyze the amenities. What are you getting with the nurse scheduling software you have your eye on? Is its technology innovative? Are there additional features aside from making schedule communication easier? With NC Smart Call, you’ll experience all of the benefits of a program designed to streamline the communication of open shifts with your staff, along with additional features that make it invaluable to your facility- like its Smart Leave capabilities that enable your employees to request and track their leave requests in real time. Based on continually renewed information that is based on current submissions, they can see the likelihood that their leave will be granted.

Tip #4: Check to see how far the company will take you before they demand payment. With NC Smart Call, you can book a free demo of their nurse scheduling software before you spend a penny on the service. Check it out with your own eyes and discover just how valuable NC Smart Call will be to your facility, then make it your own.

NC Smart Call prefers to look on your relationship with them as a partnership, rather than one involving a buyer and a seller. They strive to solve problems within the operations of healthcare facilities the world over- just like yours. Find out more about the smartest nurse scheduling software on the market by calling 888-820-0160 with your questions, or fill out the brief contact form over the website.

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