NC Smart Call is growing!  We’re looking for Senior, Intermediate and Junior Software Developers to join our team.

Working with us at NC Smart Call will put you in the middle of developing and operating a growing SaaS product.  You’ll be involved in design and implementation of new features as well as their integration into an existing system, ensuring correctness and performance.  We’ve built the NC Smart Call suite to address the unique challenges of Canadian health care.  Our systems ensure that unplanned health care employee absences are filled as fast as possible, with the most qualified health care professional.

We believe that we, as a team, work best when we work closely together, and when ideas can be exchanged in an open and honest manner.  We want our team to understand the “why” of the work they’re doing, and how it fits into the overall picture of NC Smart Call as a product and business.  This year we are continuing to expand our predictive likelihood features, real time notification systems, and have some major infrastructure improvements on the road map.  Our stack is built on tried and true technology.

  • Python / Django / DRF / Celery / Redis.
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Android and iOS development with React Native.
  • Management of FreeBSD & CentOS colo and cloud systems using Ansible.
  • DevOps using NewRelic, Datadog, Sentry, and friends.
  • Integration of VOIP & SMS systems using Freeswitch and custom APIs.

Experience with the technology listed above is certainly welcome, but we’re really looking for someone with an innate desire to create, who learns quickly, and who cares about quality and constant improvement.  We’ve built this company to be a great place to work in the long haul, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Please send a PDF resume and cover letter to