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Can Your Healthcare Facility Afford Not to Use an Automated Call Out Software Program?:

– Decide for yourself. How much time does it take for you to communicate to your staff that a shift is open and find an employee willing to fill the shift? If your healthcare facility is like most others and is manually making that call, it’s taking up an average of 28 minutes to complete the task. Your scheduler making $20 an hour is costing the company $10 every time a shift needs to be filled. With NC Smart Call, its fully automated system can communicate the same message to your staff and fill a shift in just 4 minutes. Best of all, your staff experiences none of the frustration that comes from being interrupted, and is not pressured into filling a shift. They simply respond according to whether or not they are able to cover the shift.

– NC Smart Call understands that the thought of wasting company resources is one that is bound to keep managers up till the small hours of the night, crunching numbers and re-working schedules; that’s why they have created an innovative solution to streamlining communications between your facility’s schedule and your staff. With Smart Call, the process of filling a shift is managed in the cloud. Your employees receive communication that a shift is open, and can see the details of the available shift on their mobile device; they then have the opportunity to accept the shift if it fits their personal schedule. Confirmation takes place in real time, and the shift is covered. Just what does all of this mean for your bottom line?

– Take a closer look at your potential savings by clicking on ‘Estimate Your Savings’. Fill in the missing criteria related to your facility and hit ‘Calculate’ to find out how much your healthcare practice can save annually. A facility with 50 employees can easily save $6,000 each year using NC Smart Call’s automated call out software. Savings can be significant, but it’s not the only value to your company. NC Smart Call’s intelligent program makes your staff feel like they are a valued part of your facility, improving morale and increasing the likelihood that your employees will stay with your facility, further reducing costs.

– Smart Leave is an additional feature geared toward managing your staff, this time regarding their leaves. If you’re currently spending time in front of your schedule trying to fit employee leave into future scheduling, NC Smart Call can eliminate the entire process by allowing your staff to request and track their own leaves online. Find out more about Smart Leave by visiting the ‘Smart Leave’ link located on the website’s home page.

No other automated call out software program is designed to be as intelligent as NC Smart Call. Calculate your savings and you’ll discover you simply can’t afford not to make NC Smart Call a part of your facility’s scheduling process. For more information, visit online or call a knowledgeable agent at 888-820-0160.

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