Fill more shifts faster, with the right people.

The process of manually finding replacements for available shifts is inefficient, resource intensive and prone to errors. NC Smart Call can do this for you. Automatically identify and communicate available shift details to eligible employees while satisfying complex operational and union requirements with NC Smart Call.

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Smart Leave is a system designed to take your efforts off of paper and moving it to a connected and transparent online process. Smart Leave not only provides employees with the convenience of requesting and tracking leaves online, Smart Leave comes with an intelligence layer that provides employees real-time insight into the likelihood of their leave requests being granted, based on current submissions received.

Smart Leave takes all available information, displays it in a clear and thoughtful manner so that the right decisions can be made by both the employee and the manager in the leave application process.

Smart Leave’s features will allow you to:

  • Eliminate paper process
  • Make leave application easily accessible from any internet connected device
  • Provide visibility on the status of leave requests
  • Allow staff to gain insight into likelihood of a request being granted
  • Allow management to determine whether or not a request should be granted
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Create analytics into leave trends
  • Better forecast needs
  • Standardize bidding and processing of general requests
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Smart Call is a cloud based platform that automates the communication of available shifts to eligible employees. Scheduling departments using NC Smart Call fill more shifts, faster and with the right people when compared to offering shifts manually. NC Smart Call’s highly configurable communications tools allow scheduling departments to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to fill a shift
  • Improve scheduling accuracy
  • Strategically schedule employees
  • Focus on upcoming needs.
  • Eliminate waste
  • Ensure continuity of care
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About Us

Understanding of Environment.

NC Smart Call has been developed specifically for the Canadian healthcare environment. In partnering with NC Smart Call, you get the benefits of working with a partner knowledgeable and experienced with healthcare specific scheduling processes, procedures and requirements. More importantly you get a partner vested in your ongoing successful use of NC Smart Call.

A Partner, Not a Supplier.

Our goal at NC Smart Call is the creation of successful and sustainable partnerships with our clients. We partner with organizations to solve problems through software. When working with NC Smart Call, we are working towards a mutual goal in partnership. We will measure the quality of our partnership via the positive impact our software creates within your organization. Working with you as a partner, we will identify the Key Performance Indicators that will be used to quantify the success of the NC Smart Call system. These KPIs will provide clear project goals to measure our partnership to work towards.

Experience working in Healthcare.

NC Smart Call was built in partnership with Canadian Healthcare providers. It is the insiders solution built strong working relationships with several healthcare providers throughout Canada. In addition to an automated call out system, NC Smart Call has collaborated on a number of initiatives with our partners. A few of these initiatives include an incoming phone system called Quick Dial and an Interpretation Database used by Employee Relations departments to standardize interpretations of the collective union agreements.

NC Smart Call has created value for our client partners and their combined 26,000 employees. This has attracted the interest of health authorities, regions and networks across Canada. NC Smart Call is a MaRS supported venture.


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